Introducing The Red Collection Designers - Part 3

OMG the big event is just the day after tomorrow! There’s just a few tickets left so make sure you get yours NOW if you haven’t already because it’s going to be an amazing night.

As you know we'll be showcasing amazing items of clothing, jewellery + art donated by local female designers, artists & makers with a special catwalk show and exhibition on the night.

Due to the generosity of our sponsors Lewes FC Women we're delighted that ALL the proceeds from your purchases of this fine array of items will go directly to The Red Box Project to help fight period poverty in Brighton & Hove.

We’ve just got time to introduce the last few designers in our pre-event blog series.

Renee and Burt - Red Collection.jpg


Please tell us about yourself and what you create

Hi I am Becka, I am a designer and maker and the fave behind Renee & Burt. My passion for crafts stems right back to my childhood where my great nanna Renee use to knit and crochet me and my dolls clothes. I see waste not as rubbish but as an opportunity to make something beautiful. I created Renee & Burt as I wanted to help make a difference about our worlds waste problem. So with my passion for making things and love for fabric and yarn I started making beautiful unique home decor, fashion accessories and jewellery that is made out of textile waste. I love colour and texture which I am sure you can guess from looking at my work, I also like to experiment and push boundaries as thats normally where the magic happens.  

Crochet - Renee and Burt - Red Collection.png

What made you contribute to The Red Collection Fundraiser?

The work Sister Society and The Red Box Project does is absolutely amazing and inspiring! Every girl and women has the right to live their life without the worry or stress of not being able to have access to supplies they need for their period. Particularly at school this is a very awkward time for young women and whether they can't afford the supplies, forgot to pack them or not have the right support having that safety net at school where supplies are on hand when needed will help these young women go through school a lot more confidently. Being able to donate a few of my pieces to this fundraiser is an absolute honour and although its only a little contribution I am very proud to be apart of it. 

Necklace - Renee and Burt - Red Collection.png

Would you describe yourself as a feminist? What does feminism mean to you?

I have to be honest I have never referred to myself as a feminist, but equality in women's rights whatever area of life its in is important to me. The one area that really bothers me the most is how women are portrayed in adverts, media and music videos, even now in 2018 women are always displayed as objects of desire and are always highly sexualised, and it really upsets me the amount of pressure it puts on women and young girls to be like unrealistic representation, I think it has a huge impact on our mental health as we are surrounded by it constantly so it is near impossible to not compare yourself to these stereotypes. Feminism to me is women and girls living their dreams and doing what they love with confidence and passion and no judgement from the outside world. These are the role models that we need to be seeing. 

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Please tell us about yourself and what you create

I’m Izzie and my brand is Izzie Artisan. I create elegant jewellery from reclaimed materials including recycled silver, brass and copper. My designs are based on natural shapes; at the moment, I’m making lots of leaf and insect designs. My pieces are inspired by my wild garden, visits to tropical glasshouses and forest walks. There is nothing I love more than a little sunshine and spending time outside. 


What made you want to contribute to The Red Collection Fundraiser?

It’s a really worthwhile project, which is making a whole lot of difference to girls in Brighton and Hove who can’t afford sanitary products. I only heard about the project through Sister Society, so I think that having a big fundraiser in such a renowned venue will really help this amazing project to reach new audiences. 

Monstera necklace - Izzie Artisan - Red Collection.JPG

Would you describe yourself as a feminist? What does feminism mean to you? 

Yes, definitely. For a while I’ve been actively interested in feminist issues, which has grown out of being flabbergasted by the lack of equality in this world and the continual gender stereotyping that happens from an early age. I play sport, I value my career and I get angry sometimes, but I don’t want to be put into a box because of my gender.

It’s awful that anyone should have to fight to be treated as an equal, but the fact that we’re constantly having to talk about feminist issues means that the general consensus is that there is a great deal more “fighting” to do. Feminism is about girls and boys, men and women, being treated the same and being given the same opportunities. It’s simple and it’s definitely not scary. 


Please tell us about yourself and what you create

I'm Zoë and I'm an Artist and Illustrator creating work inspired by people with a bit of abstraction and nature thrown in. Often producing prints from my work to brighten up any wall.

Feelin Blue - Zoe Jackson Illustration - Red Collection.jpg

What made you want to contribute to The Red Collection Fundraiser?

No woman or girl should miss opportunities because they don't have access to such simple necessities as sanitary products. This cause is so important and a fantastic example of women supporting women. I'm glad I can do my small part in supporting this great cause and supporting girls who will be the next generation of empowered women.

Cactacaea Polka - Zoe Jackson Illustration - Red Collection.jpg

Would you describe yourself as a feminist? What does feminism mean to you?

I do and believe in equality for all without exception. In our changing world I am so happy to see a rising movement of women striving for equal pay, opportunities and respect. I am lucky enough to know so many strong and empowered women who are all a constant inspiration to me.

Have you booked your ticket for The Red Collection Fundraiser yet?

It’s going to be quite a night so book yours now to avoid disappointment.