You can make a difference. 

In today's cultural, social & political landscape it's more important than ever for us to connect, collaborate and commit to doing our bit for the betterment of humankind.

Together we're stronger.



We all need a helping hand at points throughout our lives. There are so many ways we can support females in need, and they're not always financial.  What can you do to support your fellow sisters today?

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Get creative to help spread the message of Sister Society.

We have lots of creative projects and events in the pipeline for you to get involved with. We also love to collaborate so if you have ideas for new creative projects & events to engage, empower & support females please get in touch.

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Share your story. 

At Sister Society we want to present and respectfully discuss the lived female experience in 2018 in all its forms. To do this truthfully and inclusively WE NEED YOU!

We want to hear from & represent individuals from every walk of life.

Empower others by sharing your story



Don't like the way females are treated and represented in the 21st Century? Sick of double standards?

It's time to speak up.

Debate, share your experiences and make new feminist friends. Whether this means showing up in person or online - get stuck in & make your voice heard. 

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